“I have an idea for a book.”

“I have an idea for a book.”

If you have always dreamed of writing a book, you will want to order Where Books Begin’s Book Publishing Basics service.  It mimics the process that many big publishers use, of addressing the marketing from the very start. At Where Books Begin, we guide experienced and first- time writers alike through  the complex,  often confusing and tradition-bound labyrinth of publishing. Do not allow your doubts to keep you from realizing this important dream. We can help you get the book written, launched and sold in three different ways. preparing a plan for writing (the place where most people need the most help), a dynamite book proposal, and developing  a list of prospective publishing partners. You will work with about a dozen different people as you put your book together,  including  literary agents, copy editors and proof-readers, illustrators and designers, formatters (for e-book, audio book, hardcover, paperback), book manufacturing buyers, publicists, foreign scouts, reviewers and sales representatives.

At first glance it might seem that producing a book has to involve a cast of thousands and a raft of years. As a matter of fact, nearly half of books put under contract to publishers never see the light of day! Even when they are published eventually, some books can take a very long time to appear in print. The agent Phil Spitzer has noted that on average it takes a novelist about a decade from the first idea to actual publication. After the first book, the process is much easier. That’s why most of our clients have gone on to write more than the book they first envisioned.

In the past two decades, the publishing process has speeded up some as digital printing, beefed- up delivery service, word processing and social media have taught this very traditional industry new ways of getting things done.  Since I have worked in every aspect of book publishing, I can help you see your book in print in under two years.  And we don’t just print books here; we launch them into the book trade so that your book will have a long life.

It is true that the learning curve is steep. It took me twenty years to perfect the streamlined publishing model I offer to those who work with me. The sequence of steps is the secret of my success rate. By working on marketing while developing first the manuscript and then the book, we are able to coordinate sales and reviews, appearances and publicity.This service, which we have dubbed Book Publishing Basics,  allows you to finish the writing sample, the marketing plan and the submission list within three months,

Why not give it a try? Send me an email and let’s get started.

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