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Where Parties Begin

July, 2013, English literature discussion

 Professor Vickrey

At Trinity Church we examine English literature through the lens of Christianity as we make our way through the Norton Anthology of English Literature under the inspired guidance of Professor Vickrey. Sometimes we have have refreshments!

Father Cliff and Doodie

Father Cliff and Doodie deep in conversation.

January 15, 2012, Martin Luther King jr Brunch

Naomi Melendez

Spoonbread, grits and four kinds of pork brightened up this winter afternoon as 140 people celebrated the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, jr who transformed the world for so many blacks like "Ma" Bragg.

Jack and Lynne Norman

Jack and Lynne Norman join the singing--that's Ken and Hattye McGee in the background.

Authors Oceola and Gladys BRagg.

Authors Oceola and Gladys BRagg shared memories of their mom, the great cook, Edna "Ma" Bragg who brought Memphis to Manhattan. Their book Country Cooking, City Style celebrates their mother's work and life.

Jack and Carol Vickrey

Jack and Carol Vickrey, benefactors of the Martin Luther King jr Event at Trinity Church. Thanks for making the afternoon a success!

November, 2012, Halloween party

Halloween party

The book group in Halloween, Ellen E.M. Roberts is the cucumber in the foreground.

June, 2009, Allentown Kids are Safe, Clean and Green

A story hour at Allentown's beautiful public library that introduces kids to concepts of a safe, clean and green community. Ellen Hiotis, the children's librarian, read BROTHER EAGLE, SISTER SKY.

Christine Carter of Allentown recycling

Christine Carter of Allentown recycling (in green shirt) shows Allentown families how to sort plastics and papers.

Ellen E.M. Roberts

Ellen E.M. Roberts of Where Books Begin with two of Allentown's youngest recyclers.

September 29, 2010, Launch Party
for Woodley Books in Bethlehem

Sherry Charles (L) and Ellen E. M. Roberts (R).

Creative Director Sherry Charles, in from Portland, Oregon, chats with Editor and Publisher Ellen E. M. Roberts

Several people

A beautiful autumn afternoon brought together (left to right) Jackie Potter, Tom Albright, Tom Shaw, Marius Bressoud, Leonarda Quay, Adam Garson and Melanie Gold. With their backs to us are the other Ellen Roberts and Molly Cochran Murphy.

Naomi Melendez

Four-year-old Naomi Melendez, already launched on a promising career as an illustrator, visits the bar.

Amy Perry (R) and Stephen Chu (L).

David Kincaide and Oceola Bragg, in from New York City, enjoy the country while Sherry Charles, Creative Director, chats with Steven Kindel.

Comics great Anthony Geist

Comics great Anthony Geist takes a break after demonstrating his illustration technique for TWICE by Benjamin Rubenstein.

IP lawyer Adam Garson, English prof Addison Bross

Intellectual property lawyer Adam Garson visits with Lehigh English professor Addison Bross.

Jim Miltenberger and Sherry Charles

Jim Miltenberger and Sherry Charles compare notes

Former webmaster John Hailu

Former webmaster John Hailu enjoys a lull once the rain drove the party indoors

Intern Kristen Dalton

Lehigh women’s basketball star and Woodley Books intern Kristen Dalton in deep conversation.

Great Moments from Earlier Where Books Begin Parties

2001: Launch Party for Thang Dao Dance Company

Author James H. Ellis (R), his wife, and Larry Johnston (L).

Author James H. Ellis (R) of the Parsons Dance Company poses with his wife Linda at a party given in honor of Thang Dao by violinist Larry Johnston (L).

Linda Landrigan (L) and Jacqueline Perez (R).

Linda Landrigan (L), editor of Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, poses with computer trainer Jacqueline Perez (R).

2002: Burns Night at Ellen's place on 110th Street

Kirsten Neuhaus (L) and Robert Alexander (R).

Literary Agent Kirsten Neuhaus watches as Robert Alexander (R), Master of Ceremonies for Where Books Begin Burns Night, celebrates the haggis.

Elizabeth Gorski (R) and Ellen E. M. Roberts (L).

Elizabeth Gorski (R) and Ellen E. M. Roberts (L) play Burns’ tunes on their fiddles.

Amy Perry (R) and Stephen Chu (L).

Science editor, Amy Perry (R), sings an original setting of a Burns poem with tenor Stephen Chu (L).

2003: Celebration of the Completion of Howard Wriggins' Memoir

Ellen Roberts (L), Howard Wriggins, and Jeffrey Ellenberger (R).

To celebrate Howard Wriggins’ completion of his memoir, his editor, Ellen E. M. Roberts (L) and Jeffrey Ellenberger (R) performed on the violin Howard played as a child.

Ellen Roberts (R) and Jeffrey Ellenberger (M).

Ellen E. M. Roberts (R), Editor-in-Chief of Where Books Begin, with Jeffrey Ellenberger (M) performing March 30, 2003 to honor Howard Wriggins.

Sally Hovey Wriggins (R) and Linda Landrigan (L).

Sally Hovey Wriggins (R), author of Xuanzang: A Buddhist Pilgrim on the Silk Road, discusses her new edition with editor Linda Landrigan (L). Both ladies came down from Hanover, New Hampshire for this event.

2004: Scarsdale Writers Get Together

Richard Horowitz.

Novelist Richard Horowitz hosting a party for Where Books Begin, in his Scarsdale home, opens a congratulatory gift for his work in progress Investigation File.

2005: Fifty on Fifty Anthology Edited by Bruce Alexander Launch

Jacqueline Perez (L) and Bruce Alexander (R).

Jacqueline Perez (L) congratulates poetry anthologist Bruce Alexander (R) on the completion of his new book Fifty on Fifty.

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