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This is a photo of Ellen Roberts, the Editor at Where Books Begin.

Editor: Ellen E. M. Roberts has worked with trade books, scholarly books and children’s books in her long career as an acquisitions editor at St. Martin’s Press, William Morrow and Prentice Hall. She served as a sales manager at Columbia University Press, distributing books for the Press Consortium which included Smithsonian Institution Press, the University of Tokyo Press and the New York University Press. Her experience in trade book editing, publishing and book distribution has informed her approach to new projects: she believes that editorial excellence will win out in the end, and has shepherded over a thousand book projects to publication that prove this point.

Roberts has written two books about American children’s publishing: The Children’s Picture Book (available in five languages) and Non-fiction for Children. A Classics graduate of Reed College, Roberts is an earnest amateur violinist and poetry lover who recently rusticated from New York City to the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania.

Art Director: Sherry Melinda Charles is a graduate of Reed College and holds advanced degrees in media and design. As Art Director working on campaigns for Chevron, Apple and Cadillac account, she has integrated her creative direction with communications theory to work in many media. Sherry lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband Steven Olson and enjoys regular visits to our Bethlehem headquarters where she watches eagles and bikes on the Lehigh Valley's beautiful trails.

Design Consultant: Doug Wink is a graduate of Pratt Institute. Doug Wink is the principal of Inkway Graphics in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has designed brochures for Doubleday, the Joyce Theatre. The Brooklyn Academy of Music, David Parsons and the Barishnykov Center for Dance. He has also designed and directed art for books for Platypus Media and Doubleday. A native of New Jersey, he collects classic fountain pens and concentrates his considerable talent on print media.

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