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Ellen E. M. Roberts speaker events

Ellen E. M. Roberts will be speaking November 8, 2014 at the Roe Jan Library Conference

Ellen E.M. Roberts will be keynote speaker at RoeJan Library Conference, Copake, New York on November 8 from 9 to 5. Sign up now click here

Join us in the beautiful Hudson Valley town of Copake for a day of good advice and great company exploring literary frontiers.

This is a photo of RoeJanLibrary, Copake, New York.

On Saturday, November 8, the Roe Jan Community Library in Copake, New York will host a one-day writers' festival entitled "The Write Stuff", featuring local authors who will facilitate workshops in the areas of fiction, non-fiction, memoir, short story, and the creative process. The festival is designed for writers of all levels, including a workshop for new writers. Workshops will be followed by a panel on Getting Published and a wine and cheese networking reception.

The keynote address, entitled "What Kind of Book Should You Be Writing? How to Choose the Right Form for Your Truth and Your Art - And Make Money Too!" will be delivered by author and publisher Ellen E.M. Roberts. In addition, Ms. Roberts will offer individual manuscript reviews for an additional fee for festival participants only.

Roberts, who has worked as a trade editor at St. Martin's Press and William Morrow, a children's book publisher at Prentice-Hall and as a sales manager at Columbia University Press, believe that many writers have confounded the problem of making money with being heard. Since the popular press glorifies the attainment of riches through the pen, it is easy to get sidelined by the latest trends in writing. But in fact, the most successful authors have stayed close to their main genre.

She helps you sort through your talents to determine whether you should be writing prose or poetry. She advises when a short piece is most effective and when it's time to commit yourself to a longer work. She explores the enormous question of whether to write fiction or non-fiction. She explains why it is so hard to get a first novel published - and how dangerous it is to get published prematurely. Her four decades of working in book publishing in New York City will keep writers riveted. They will go home with a clearer sense of purpose and a renewed sense of inspiration.

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