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Instinct and Intuition

Instinct is present in all living creatures, including humans. It is instinct that tells us to fight or flee, yell or withdraw, kill or hide.

Intuition, in contrast, is a mature person’s skill, based on experience that assists in pattern recognition and training that speeds analysis once the possibilities of the patterns are identified. Rudolph Steiner identified intuition as the third level of higher knowledge, after imagination and inspiration.

An instinct is an inherited tendency towards a particular action, such as a cat pursuing a mouse. An instinct is learned at a sensitive point in a person’s life (like a child figuring out how to walk) or is actually hard-wired, inherited in the genes. An intuition, on the other hand, is a combination of pattern recognition and analysis that has been so practiced that it feels effortless. This is the process that Malcolm Gladwell immortalized in his book Blink.

Blink: by Malcolm Gladwell, celebrates IntuitionThink and Grow Rich: by Napoleon Hill, celebrates InstinctBooks by Malcolm Gladwell and Napoleon Hill adress the concepts defined above.
Blink celebrates Intuition while Think and Grow Rich glorifies Instinct.
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