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Meet Benjamin Rubenstein

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The author
Benjamin Rubenstein

For twelve years, Benjamin Rubenstein has been cancer-free but he has not forgotten how tough it was to be a kid with cancer. His lectures on how to survive and his advice about how to live cancer-free are popular with cancer patients and survivors from six to 106. Never using a note, always speaking from his heart, he delivers chapter and verse of the experience, so that you feel you were there with him on his long journey with bone cancer and leukemia.

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Secrets of the
Super Man

Based in the Washington DC area, Rubenstein is available for panel discussions, workshops, talks with children in the wards and conventions. As a boy, he held himself up to strict rules for being a cancer patient, and those, along with his conviction that he was a Superman, helped him get through the grueling process. He is both educational and inspirational.


This is the only cancer chronicle by a boy - his triumphant fight against cancer will inspire readers of all ages. The droll text and informative illustrations will acquaint those facing cancer with the long struggle ahead for patient and caregivers alike. Sixteen year old Benjamin Rubenstein was playing tennis when he felt a pain in his hip. A deep, searing, unknowable pain. Writing with humor, he chronicles his fight with bone cancer and then with a form of leukemia. Rubenstein's belief in the superhuman ability to fight his cancer gave him the courage to face chemotherapy and its devastating side effects, bone biopsies, a stem-cell transplant, more chemotherapy, infections, hemorrhagic cystitis, weight loss, and osteoporosis. In spite of invasive diagnostic tests, treatment set-backs, and demanding physical therapy, he never fears he will lose his battle. He has just completed twelve years of being cancer-free. In this book, he shares his rules for being a cancer patient and his secrets of survival.

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Benjamin Rubenstein's Appearances

At the National Cancer Policy Forum/LIVESTRONG Workshop on Addressing the Needs of Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer, Benjamin Rubenstein discussed issues affecting young adult cancer survivors.
At Critical Mass, the Young Adult Cancer Alliance in Atlanta, Benjamin was the keynote speaker. He met with 150 people within the young adult cancer community from around the country and answered their questions.
At Osbourn Park Senior High School and George Mason University, Benjamin Rubenstien has shared with health classes about surviving adversity, gaining life perspective, and growing into adulthood.
At the Children's National Medical Center, Washington, DC, Benjamin Rubenstein showed boys with bone cancer how discipline and hope can make the difficult journey a little easier.

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