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Ajax Bound for Glory

This is a photo of Sarah E.Dautel, an author of Ajax.

About the authors
Sarah and Hannah Dautel

Sarah and Hannah Dautel are sisters who live in San Diego. Inspired to write and illustrate a picture book, they approached the author of their favorite How to Write It Guide, Ellen E. M. Roberts. Homeschooled and self-taught, the sisters wanted to share a story of courage for the 52,000 children of American military who have been wounded in action.

For three years, they worked with Ellen to develop the picture book text. They did thumbnail layouts to capture the sequence of the story. Then Hannah, the illustrator half of the team, began to create illustrations. As the illustrations took shape, they began to dummy the book, using sheets of typing paper that had been folded in half. Their picture book began at 2,000 words and 50 pages. Tireless revision of both the text and the art got them down to 600 words and a story that fit nicely in the 27 pages that comprise a child-sized picture book. In tightening the text, they found the illustrations took on a new energy, becoming an integral part of the reading experience.

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Bound for Glory
coming in 2015

Once they had the book written and illustrated, the sisters worked with Doug Wink of Inkway Graphics, getting a dose of art direction along with expert typographic guidance. They saw how exactly the right typeface could keep the storymoving, even though its drama depends on slow sequences and leaps ahead.

The submission process was frustrating because publishers receive thousands of picture book manuscript each month. Many grandparents and teachers enjoy reading picture books and are inspired to write one of their own. What make Sarah and Hannah Dautel special is that they appealed to experts - Ellen E.M. Roberts for editing, Doug Wink for design and Sherry Melinda Charles for branding - to launch their very special picture book which is coming from Woodley Books in 2015. You can reserve a copy of the book at woodleybooks.com/ajax and you will be billed when the book is shipped. Shipping is paid for by the publisher.


52,000 American children live with a parent who has been injured serving in the military. Naturally, the focus is on the parent who is recovering from serious injury. Where does a child turn? Meet Ajax, the high-hopping Rabbit Ranger whose dreams are dashed when he is wounded in a training accident. In this simple, unsentimental rabbit's tale, Ajax Bound for Glory, Ajax teaches children the importance of perseverance on the road to recovery. Sisters Sarah and Hannah Dautel have written a family story that will open up the hearts and minds of children struggling to understand a major injury.

This is a photo of Rabit ranger.
This is a photo of the Rabit ranger.

Coming November 11, 2015 from Woodley Books. Reserve your copy at woodleybooks.com/ajax (ISBN 978-0-9786472-3-0.) We will bill you when we ship and your shipping is free. $18.95. Bethlehem-based Woodley Books is looking for war stories, 500 to 50,000 words, for its program of illustrated memoirs. Contact us at www.woodleybooks.com/?p=submissions or call 484-274-6841.

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